Welcome to electro-gammon.net

This website is dedicated to the best Board game in the world, in computerized form.
Electronic Computer Backgammon never had the commercial success like chess computers. But there were still a few BG Computers released over the years. Some of the companies released Chess Computers also tried their luck in the BG Computer field.

With this Website i try to list as many BG Computers and computer software as possible. For now i won’t list any newer BG software as like BG Blitz, any Android/iPhone apps etc. Otherwise the list would be way too long.
If you are aware of some BG Computers that are no listed right now, or have some missing information, please get in contact with me.
I don’t own all of the games listed right now,  so some of the photos are from old ebay auctions or other websites. I’m trying to obtain most of them to provide as much information as possible.

But for now, thanks for visiting and enjoy the world of Computer Backgammon.