Backgammon Master

Publisher: Chess King
Model: –
Type: –
Release Year: –
Made in: –
Battery Type: –

There are no known images of this device available besides a brief look and short explanation in the 1987 released catalogue from the “Nürnberger Spielwarenmesse”.
I don’t know if this game was ever released to the public.
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The strongest available backgammon program in the world, with a large LCD display of the board.
This is our top-of-the-line backgammon machine,suitable for players from beginner to expert.

– Large LCD display shows the backgammon board, doubling cube and dice. Allows doubling and beavering.
– 16 playing levels.
– Takeback feature.
– Option for the computer to roll its own dice at random, or the user may roll the dice for both players.
– Comes with free battery and leatherette pouch.
– Battery life at least 400 hours.
– Plays standard opening rolls.
– Low power mode stores the position for up to 11 years .
– Instruction book also teaches backgammon.